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Travertine Tile Delivery Coventry

Pick travertine tiles from: kitchen, wall, border, floor and bathroom selections and ask for travertine tile samples

  • Product:Light Travertine Stone
  • Code:TV 100
  • 610 X 406mm £13.97 Per M2
  • Product:Travertine Stone
  • Code:TV 200
  • 406 X 406mm £12.97 Per M2


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Tiling with Travertine: Coventry

Fabricated from the natural stone, travertine’s strength equals to that of the tiles like granite, and marble.
Travertine is increasingly becoming a popular tiling solution in every other home.

We all know that backsplashes do tend get dirty soon and therefore it is always advisable to deck them up with a material that can be easily cleaned just like the travertine tile.
Elegance is a factor that comes along as an accessory element together with the durability factor of travertine tile.
Nevertheless, the usage of citric-based cleaners ought to be avoided as they may erode the surface of the tile to some extent.
With the usage of advanced techniques the untreated nooks and crannies are filled and refined.
As they have a minimal tendency of soaking in the liquids that might have got splashed onto them by chance, the owners would not be required to clean off the stains instantly.
They have been long known for adding a touch of elegance to the patios and front yards.
The multiple colours in which these tiles are available make them flexible for use in any part of the workplace or home space as they readily match up with the furniture of different kids.
For instance, honed and filled travertine tiles are the ones that have been treated with advanced techniques and special chemical compounds so they look even more polished and refined.
The usage of travertine tiles is no more restricted showers and bathrooms.
As the consistency of travertine stone is basically soft which is perfect for the processing of stone.
The customers can look forward to purchasing any type of travertine tile as per their personal preference levels.
They may require a minimal amount of maintenance but then that is something that is required on a normal basis.
In the meanwhile, homebuyers are supposed to keep the cost attribute of the tiling solution in mind.
It is for this reason that most of the contractors who design the residential projects in bulk can be found preferring the use of travertine tiles.
It has extended to the areas like pools, fireplaces, and as backsplashes in kitchenettes.
It is usual to find nooks and crannies on the surface of travertine after they have been recovered by the process of mining.
Travertine tiles can be washed easily with normal cleaners that are available at the grocery store.
The original colour of travertine is white.
One of the best-loved variant of travertine floor tiles is the matte design.
Usually the borders of fireplace are made out of bricks and when travertine tiles replace this normal building material, they assure a zero loss in the quality and the strength in the borders of the fireplace.